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Da Antonio is member of Chaine des Rotisseur


Gianluigi Rossi:

Menu fantastico, specialmente i piatti in sapore di tartufo... e il Brunello!!!



Aleksei Kusnezov:

I and my wife stayed in the hotel in august 2009. The service was outstanding in both hotel and the restaurant. We did enjoy the meals and the breakfasts. Thankyou and wishing succes in these hard times.
Kind regards


Приятный интерьер, аккуратная сервировка, внимательное обслуживание,гл. момент - очень вкусно и , относительно, быстро!
Приятная, ненавязчивая фоновая музыка.
Два сэта, на скрипке, отыграла девушка)
Хотелось бы, чтобы свет был более заглушенный, т.к. в декоре стола присутствует свеча(свечи), да и вообше, в целом.


Буду надеяться, что Наши дороги еще пересекутся)

Сергей, Ми&#:

Мой любимый ресторан. Посещаю его каждый свой приезд в Вильнюс. Очень вкусно готовят, ... . Жаль, что нельзя зарезервировать столик через интернет. 3 декабря планирую снова его посетить.

An answer from Da ANTONIO:
To book a table "Da Antonio" is always possible. You just write an e-mail (lthuanian, english, russian, french or even in italian...) here:

Ресторан Da Antonio в Риге лучший ресторан!

The Baltic Times:

By TBT Staff. Vilnius
If there is any cuisine that has made a bigger impression on Lithuania than Italian has, then Ill eat my hat. There are countless pizza and pasta restaurants in the country, most of them in chains such as Cilipica, Mambo pizza, Can Can Pizza. Pomidoru pizza, Charlies the list goes on and on. On top of these there are the independent restaurants that dot the country.
Since independence, Italian food has been a big hit with Lithuanians inventing their own style of the food. Tomato sauce or mayonnaise-based sauces are noticeable on tables where pizza is served. Though this is not unique to the country, many natives believe that they are indeed enjoying the real deal just like in Naples.
Of course most people know what lasagna or pizza tastes like, but with a cuisine such as Italian, which is eaten and modified all over the world, Italians themselves should be the ones to judge the countrys best and most authentic restaurant.
Gianluca Crosatti , a student from Verona who has lived in Vilnius for over a year, rates the traditional Da Antonio restaurant one of the best in town.
My favorite Italian restaurant in Vilnius is Antonio on Vilniaus Street. It has a high quality of service, first of all and quality of food for the second step. They have real Italian food and a good assortment of wine, he said.
there is not a special dish there it is just made in the Italian way. I recommend the spaghetti Angelo. I think Italians, especially businessmen, really appreciate that place for the service. It is kind of above the sheet average in Vilnius. Moreover, it is an historic restaurant the brand means something.
Another Italian resident, who has lived in Vilnius for over a decade, is Francesco Di Marco. The wine importer said that while he hasnt been to all the Italian restaurants in the city, he would also recommend Da Antonio.
The only real one is Da Antonio but it really depends on the person. If you want to go every day in Vilnius [] you cant do it too expensive.
The level of the kitchen is not for discussion it is in a good way. The rest are actually not real Italian restaurants. Some are inspired by the cuisine, but there is not a restaurant where the chef is real Italian or gastronomy consultant is a real Italian, Di Marco said.
Di Marco said that having an Italian in the kitchen ensures that the product remains at a high level.
Esse [on Gedemino Avenue] is in the middle price range and they have an Italian chef as a consultant, but he only comes occasionally and here in Lithuania you need to watch closely.

The Baltic Times (April 30-May 6, 2009)


Spasibo vsemu kollektivu restorana Da Antonio v Rige za krasivoe oformlenie italjanskih produktov, predostavlenih kompanijei Garda Italia, za prekrasnoe obsluzhivanie i za profesionalizm na prezentacii videoklipa Roberto Meloni & italjanskih produktov ot kompanii Garda Italia 27.04.2012


у вас очень красивый ресторан

Emanuele Succi:

Dear sirs,
I had the chance some months ago to have 2 lunches in your restaurant and I have to say I had a very good time. Everything you served me and I ate was very very good. My compliments to you. Then I m if an italian person say you that I mean it s very positive.

Best regards


Puikus restoranas! Maistas -11 bal i 10! Aptarnavimas, aplinka, muzika - viskas nepriekaitinga. Labai maloniai ir jaukiai praleidom vakar. Ai!


Labai jauki aplinka, staliukai ne per arti vienas kito, tvarkingai serviruoti stalai, nieko nereikalingo - puikiai tinka ventinei vakarienei. Malonus ir nuoirdus aptarnavimas bei tikrai geri padavjo Mariaus patarimai, puiki virtuv (valio virtuvs efui)

Reda Malinauskien:

Js restoranas Vilniaus gatvje yra mano mgstamiausia vieta: visada puikus maistas ir malonus aptarnavimas. Esu labai dkinga!

Petras Marcinkeviius:

Puikus, labai graus restoranas . Labai gras ir mandags mons ten dirba.Ai Jums u Js ilum, io labai graaus restorano darbuotojai.

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